Empowering you to make lasting changes with a holistic, integrative, collaborative approach.

KOA values and principles

  • Trauma informed principles
  • Safety
  • Trustworthiness
  • Choice
  • Collaboration
  • Empowerment

The 3 phase model of trauma intervention:

  • Safety and stabilisation
  • Processing
  • Integration and connection

The window of tolerance and nervous system theory underpins my work. The intention of all my offerings is to encourage individuals to find helpful ways to regulate their nervous system with integrative soma focussed practices.

Yoga and Wellbeing Edinburgh


I am Corinne Wilkie-Fessler, also known as Cori, a trauma-informed holistic and somatic practitioner based in Edinburgh. I am the founder of KOA. Originally from Switzerland, I have been living in the UK since the age of 13 and in Scotland for over 15 years, which I consider my home. With a diverse background that includes living in South Africa, France, USA, England, and now Scotland, I identify as a trauma-informed somatic and holistic practitioner. My services include somatic practices, embodied practices, compassionate mind practices, sound therapy, reiki, yoga, systemic coaching, and mindfulness. I am dedicated to working with clients in a trauma-informed manner, providing choices and collaborating based on their unique needs.

In addition to my work in the wellbeing sector, I have been actively involved in the social sector since 1998. My professional experience spans early years education, social care, counselling, trauma support, criminal justice, substance misuse, mental health, and coaching. Currently, I work in community justice with a small team that operates in a trauma-informed and therapeutic approach. In this role, I co-facilitate groups, provide one-on-one interventions for change, and conduct mindfulness development sessions for social workers. I have served as a national mindfulness forum chair and currently hold positions as a mindfulness and compassion specialist national trainer and a trauma ambassador. I am deeply committed to sharing trauma-informed practices and advocating for this approach. By combining my work in the social sector with the services offered through KOA, I am able to leverage my skills and continue growing as a professional. Community engagement and accessibility are core values in my practice.

Yoga & Reiki in Edinburgh
Yoga & Reiki in Edinburgh
In 2001, I underwent training in person-centred counselling at Rape Crisis in Aberdeen, UK. Following that, I dedicated four years to assisting survivors of sexual abuse and rape. During this time, I also worked as a social worker in community justice and substance misuse, which ignited my passion for working with people. As I continued to grow personally, I realised my desire to enhance my skills and acquire expertise in the wellbeing sector. In 2013, I embarked on my professional journey in wellbeing by receiving training in systemic coaching supervision/constellation work. Since then, I have obtained qualifications as a reiki master (for both animals and humans), a yoga teacher, a sound practitioner, a mindfulness teacher, an advanced trauma-sensitive mindfulness practitioner, and a trauma-informed yoga and embodied resilience teacher, among others. My decision to pursue a diverse range of offerings was driven by my intention to possess a toolbox of varied interventions, enabling me to work holistically with my clients. Throughout my career as a wellbeing professional, I have worked in education, charity, community, and corporate settings. I am particularly recognised for my focus on community offerings, such as mindful walks for women and women’s circles in Edinburgh. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with other professionals, and you will often find me co-facilitating various retreats, workshops, and events.

I have personally experienced trauma and understand the importance of being heard, witnessed, and healing. My own experiences have strengthened me professionally, as I have implemented and tested all the practices I teach. Engaging in mindfulness and embodied practices daily is now a crucial part of my self-care routine. I am trauma-informed, having received training in trauma within my community justice role, completed advanced trauma-sensitive mindfulness training, and trained with experts like David Treleaven, Bessel Van Der Kolk, and Peter Levine. Recently, I finished an Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy course with The Embody Lab and will complete a Postgraduate Certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies with The Trauma Research Foundation in August 2024. I am also scheduled to finish my Compassionate Mind Training with Balanced Minds by the end of 2024.

Additionally, I am a trained trainer in the Survive and Thrive UK trauma program and offer group sessions as part of my work in community justice. I receive ongoing supervision and training in trauma within my professional role. Professionalism and continuous professional development are top priorities for me. My goal is to empower individuals to connect with their bodies, learn healthy self-regulation, and fully embody themselves. Central to my work is helping individuals understand their nervous system, manage reactions, and regain a sense of control. I firmly believe that with the right support, we can all thrive and resilience is cultivated through meaningful connections. In my personal time, I enjoy activities like walking, writing poetry, attending live music events, scuba diving, traveling, spending time with friends, and cuddling with my cat. I am affiliated with various organisations such as the European Coaching Association, SARA, UK Reiki Federation, UK Mindfulness Teacher Register, Yoga Alliance, and I am fully insured.
My training
  • Trauma Research Foundation: Trauma Research Foundation’s Certificate Program in Traumatic Stress Studies
  • Udemy: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & TFT (Thought Field Therapy) Tapping Certification Course
  • Pesi: Treating Trauma With the Felt Sense Polyvagal Model: Advanced Strategies To Harness the Power of the Body’s Natural Healing Process with Jan Winhall
  • The Embody Lab : Integrative Somatic Trauma TherapyTraining (ISTT)
  • Peter Levine: Healing trauma training
  • Wisdom School: Polyvagal theory training with Stephen Borges, Polyvagal Theory: Neural Exercises for Safety and Connection with Dr. Porges
  • NHS Education for Scotland (NES): Survive and Thrive national trainer training: training develops the competencies and skills to deliver Survive and Thrive, a group-based psycho-educational course as part of the phased based treatment for people affected by prolonged and repeated trauma.
  • Trauma Project, Scotland: Training day
  • Golden Mandala Yoga-Soma Institute: 80-Hr Trauma-Informed Yoga & Embodied Resilience Teacher Training + Mentoring (accredited)
    12-week online trauma-informed yoga and embodied resilience teacher training and mentoring programme
  • David Treleaven : Strengthen Your Trauma-Sensitive Skills in Critical Times 4 part series
  • David Treleaven TSM: The Complete Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Training Program is a two-part, self-paced training program designed to offer you foundational and advanced skills in Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness (TSM). This comprehensive training includes the theory and practice you’ll need to recognise and respond skillfully to trauma symptoms. Qualifies me as TSM mindfulness practitioner.
    Part One
    Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness: The Introductory Guide to Recognising Trauma, Responding Skillfully, and Preventing Retraumatisation
    Part Two
    Advanced Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness: Widening the Window of Tolerance and Supporting Trauma Recovery
  • Trauma Project, Scotland: Creating trauma systems and environments module
  • Trauma Project, Scotland: Wellbeing & Self Care module for practitioners training
  • Trauma Project, Scotland: Recovery in Relationships Module
  • Trauma Project, Scotland: Towards Trauma Enhanced Practice training
  • NHS Education for Scotland (NES) Online trauma training level 1 & 2: Developing your trauma skilled practice 1: understanding the impact of trauma and responding in a trauma informed way
    Developing your trauma skilled practice 2: trauma in children and young people
  • Mindfulness Now: Teacher training, 8 week Mindfulness programme and accredited mindfulness teacher UK Mindfulness Now, UK. Mindfulness Now training covers MBSR, MBCT, integrative mindfulness styles.
  • Centre of Excellence, online learning provider, UK: Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma, 200 hour e learning
  • Animal Reiki Scotland: The let animals lead method of Animal Reiki level 2
  • Perfect Balance Retreats, Palm and Bowl UK: Sound Healing Practitioner Training including sound massage qualification level 1 & 2
  • Udemy, UK: Sound Healing practitioner online training, 5.5 hours of online training with a final assignment
  • Yoga Nidra Network: Total Yoga Nidra Immersion Experience: comparative and creative forms of Yoga Nidra training
  • Meadowlark, Edinburgh, UK: Yoga Alliance recognised 100 hour YIN and Restorative Yoga Teacher training
  • Sadhana Yoga and Wellbeing, Clapham, UK: Yoga Alliance recognised 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training
  • Reiki Maya Centre, London, UK: Reiki Master certification
  • Yoga London, UK: Yoga foundation training
  • Reiki Maya Centre, London, UK: Reiki levels 1 & 2 certification
  • Pedagogical training centre, Zurich, Switzerland: Systemic structural constellation intervention and coaching training
  • Institute for Systemic Impulses, Zurich, Switzerland: Postgraduate Diploma in Systemic Coaching and Team Supervision, BSO recognised
  • Luzern University, Luzern, Switzerland: Swiss recognition course for UK Social Work qualification
  • Stonebridge College, UK: Asset 4 Level Diploma, Child psychology diploma (Distance learning course)
  • Projuventute, Zurich, Switzerland: Volunteer Youth Counsellor training, specialised counselling via e-mail and text
  • Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK: Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Social Studies and Dip SW, Diploma, BASW/SSSC recognised
  • Victim support, Aberdeen, UK: Victim Support Scotland volunteer foundation training
  • Rape Crisis, Aberdeen, UK: Rape and Sexual Abuse Counsellor training, person centred counselling
  • Aberdeen University, Aberdeen, UK: Master Degree of Arts in Sociology

Links to the organisations/schools I have trained with most recently:

Pricing guide
Pricing guide (these prices may vary)

Coaching, reiki, bespoke 1to1 session:
All 60 minute 1to1 sessions £60 full price, £55 community price option
All 90 minute 1to1 sessions £90 full, minimum community price £80

All first coaching or bespoke 1to1 sessions are 90 minutes for the first session to allow time for the intake process

Package of 6 sessions (first session 120 minutes, following 5 sessions 60min) £350

Sound journeys:
£15 for 60 minutes, £20 for 90 minutes, 2 community spaces per session

Surrender series:
Each course: £250 per person and 1 community option £200 space per course
Sign up for 2 courses £400 for both
Includes workbook, one 1to1 session, an intake connection call, ongoing support

Workshops: £25 per person or £20 community space option

Women’s circles:
£30 per person and 1 community option space per course